Guest Speakers

Bruce Jamieson

A More Visual Method for Rating Avalanche Size

Description: Different people often have different estimates of the size of the same avalanche. To improve consistency, some practitioners have used familiar objects. For example, the avalanche is about as long as a soccer field. Or, the deposit would fill a hockey rink. Using familiar objects like this, Bruce and colleagues from Pyrenees, the US and Canada, proposed a more visual method for estimating avalanche size. To spark discussion of the more visual method, this presentation will apply it to some small and large avalanches in the Elk Valley.

Bio: Bruce Jamieson started avalanche work at the Fernie ski area in 1980. As a professor of Civil Engineering from 1997 to 2015, Bruce managed a remarkable group of research technicians and graduate students doing field studies of snow and avalanches. He is the first author of the e-book: Avalanche Craft. Now, when not sliding on snow or riding a two-wheeler on dirt trails, Bruce dabbles in avalanche education.