Guest Speakers


Duncan Maisels

History Repeating

Topic description: In this presentation, we will look at the critical topic of avalanche safety, focusing on two distinct types of avalanche incidents: “out of bounds” occurrences and incidents within the ski area boundary closures. We will draw valuable lessons from two recent, tragic fatal incidents that occurred during the winter of 2023.

Our primary objective is not to emphasize the mistakes made but to deeply analyze how these incidents unfolded and, most importantly, provide you with essential knowledge to prevent future tragedies. At Avalanche Canada, we understand the sensitive nature of discussing incidents involving the loss of life. Nevertheless, our commitment is to empower you with the insights necessary to avoid finding yourself in similar life-threatening situations.

Bio: After various adventures and previous lives, Duncan is now firmly rooted in Fernie, and has somehow amassed 20+ years of Elk Valley outdoors-ey-ness. He sees every new season as an opportunity for new adventures shared with new friends. Duncan is a member of the Avalanche Canada South Rockies Field team where he promotes “sharing is caring” and believes in sharing his personal mistakes and hiccups so you don’t have to repeat them!