Guest Speakers

Lisa Larson

Trip Planning Like a Professional

Topic description: Avalanche Professionals use a risk assessment process to plan the day’s activities of travel in avalanche terrain. This workflow is not all that different than the Daily Process that is taught to recreational backcountry users in the AST program. In this presentation, we will use the Daily Process to structure our trip planning. We will look at digital tools and Avalanche Canada resources that can be used to plan and execute a trip plan like a pro.

Bio: Lisa Larson has lived, worked, and skied in the Elk Valley since the ’80s. As a teen at Fernie Snow Valley, she would throw the 190 blizzards over her shoulder to boot pack over the saddle into curry bowl not knowing a thing about avalanche terrain. In 1999 she took the MAST program that led her to patrol, then to industrial work, and now as the lead field technician for Avalanche Canada South Rockies field team. She instructs for the Canadian Avalanche Association ITP program and is a licensed provider of the Avalanche Canada Skills Training courses.