Elk Valley Snow Avalanche Workshop

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Presented by TC Energy
Thank you to everyone who attended the
2022 Elk Valley Snow Avalanche Workshop!

We would like to thank our partners TC Energy, and Island Lake Lodge, as well as all of our sponsors and volunteers for making this event a great success. See you all next year!

2022 Guest Speakers

Matt MacDonald –┬áDialing in Your Weather Workflow

Join mountain meteorologist and snow lover Matt MacDonald for an overview of the Forecaster Funnel approach to looking at weather.

Lisa Larson – Trip Planning Like a Professional

Lisa will look at a Daily Process using digital tools and AvCan resources that can be used to plan and execute a trip plan like a pro.

Bruce Jamieson – A More Visual Method For Rating Avalanche Size

Bruce and colleagues from Pyrenees, the US and Canada, propose a more visual method for estimating avalanche size.

Ben Jackman – Mt Proctor Near Miss – Biases and Situational Awareness

An exploration of biases at play and situational awareness that lead to a near miss during a ski touring day on Mt Proctor on March 16, 2020.

Simon Piney – Snowmobile Rescues in Avalanche Terrain

An overview of the regulatory and safety framework that search and rescue teams are bound by when responding in avalanche terrain.

Sandy Fransham – The Dark Side of the Mountains – Surviving Loss & Trauma

As mountain enthusiasts, we understand the rewards gained from time spent in these magical places, but do we ever truly appreciate the darkness that they can also bring?

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Thank you to everyone who participated in the sold out 2019 Elk Valley Snow Avalanche Workshop!

This one-day seminar welcomed avalanche professionals and recreationalists alike to engage in vibrant discussions and learn from fellow avalanche practitioners. A variety of topics included case studies of past events and information on the latest snow safety gear.